Why get a personal Amarella Sun Umbrella?


First impression always says it all; therefore Amarella Sun Umbrellas are first and foremost, a hip fashion item, styled femininely and delicately with hints of nostalgia like lacework and fancywork.


Fabric – all of Amarella’s Sun Umbrellas are made from Classic models of cotton and linen fabrics that filter UV radiation. Basically, the more the color is darker, the more the shade provided by the Sun Umbrella is stronger and protection against the sun is better.


Weight – Amarella’s Sun Umbrella is lightweight, weighs about only 200 grams.


Folding – the Sun Umbrella can be compact and uniquely folded in order to be carried in every purse. The Sun Umbrella’s folding is Amarella’s trademark and is different from the one of a normal umbrella. The unique folding is meant to prevent wrinkles and to preserve the Sun Umbrella. Even though at first the folding might look different and complicated, after you get the hang of it, it becomes quite easy. In fact there is no need to fold the Sun Umbrella completely after each use, you can also just close it and put it inside the purse for a quick drawing when needed.


Mechanism – The mechanism button is user-friendly and safe.


Environmental responsibility – preserving the environment is a paramount agenda that goes hand in hand with preserving our body. Amarella contributes to the quality of the environment since carrying an Amarella Sun Umbrella makes walking in the sun a more enjoyable experience, thus saving the need for using air-conditioned vehicles for distances that can be walked. In addition, we make sure to use durable and recyclable parts in the Sun Umbrella itself and its case.