About Amarella

The idea is to infiltrate the Sun Umbrellas to the Israeli fashion started, of course, from searching for a personal solution already in the days of my academic studies. The noon walks from my rented apartment all the way to the study halls, in shade less paths, demanded a cumbersome organization of putting creams, long clothing at the peak of the heat, and of course a hat, that ruined the hairdo.

While on a trip to the east with friends in between semesters, we fit in the local landscape and purchased our first Sun Umbrella. How easy it was to decrease the direct sun radiation and still look stylish left us no room for doubt; the Sun Umbrellas will do Aaliyah. After two years of searching for manufactures, models and beautiful fabrics with sunscreen, Amarella’s Sun Umbrellas were clear to go.

Amarella is the first personal Sun Umbrellas brand in Israeli fashion. The name Amarella, which means “yellow” in Portuguese, expresses the summer feeling, the happiness and optimism granted us by the sun. That way we could also remember the sun’s many attributes, while we are searching our ways to protect ourselves from it. We believe that in addition to its primary purpose to protect against direct sun rays, the Sun Umbrella also functions as a desirable and unique fashion item that gives a personal statement of original style for any woman in any age.

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Have a nice and refreshing summer, from Amarella.